Data Software Engineer

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Американский стартап кремниевой долины, разрабатывающий технологическую платформу для инвестиций в сельхозугодья ищет в команду опытного Data Software Engineer

  • Полная
Важно для нас:
  • You have experience building processing, scraping, or data pipelines (real-time or batch) on large datasets for the purposes of information retrieval, machine learning, or data analytics
  • You have expert experience programming in Java and strong experience programming in Python
  • You design not just with a mind for solving a problem, but also with maintainability, testability, monitorability, and automation as top concerns
  • You can balance complexity and simplicity
  • You are a strong collaborator
Не обязательно, но будет большим плюсом:
  • You have a BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or related field
  • In this role, you will work closely with business and engineering to identify and answer important questions
  • You will collect and structure data from public sources
  • You will integrate with major private data providers
Стек технологий:
  • Data Analysis / SQL / Web scrapping / PostgreSQL / Java / Python
Условия работы:
  • Достойный уровень дохода (зависит от уровня знаний и навыков, обсуждаем по итогу встречи)
  • Удаленный формат работы
  • Опционы
  • от 3000 $